POV Crime Boss DOmination

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Goddess Rapture is an underworld gangster who has gone to her rival’s headquarters, and tied and gagged their boss up. Shot through the eyes of the boss, we start with him coming to, and seeing a muscular Rapture standing above him.

She tells him how she took out his henchman, and how now it’s his turn. Wearing tight leather pants and no top, Rapture challenges him to a boxing match. As soon as the boss agrees, Rapture starts hitting him. Her punches are quick and powerful, and put the boss to la la land quickly.

When he comes to, Rapture is once again standing over him. She flexes and taunts him, before picking him up by the neck. She makes him worship her big tits and biceps, then throws him over her shoulder for some lift & carry.

Rapture proceeds to lift and carry him all over the room. Towards the end, she overhead presses him, before finally setting him back on his feet. The rival crime boss finally submits to Rapture, making her the new boss of the crime family.

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