Rag Dolled and Pile Drived – 4K

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Riley Rose and Rapture are always fighting with each other. Even though Riley is only half Rapture’s size, she still thinks she has a chance. Rapture quickly proves her wrong, as she grabs Riley and tosses her around like a rag doll. Stuck in Rapture’s grip, Riley is pile drived over and over. The mat makes a loud thud each time, and as the match goes on, Riley is visibly shaken up.

In between pile driving Riley, Rapture picks her up, and slams her against the turnbuckles. Tying Riley up in the ropes, Rapture gives her a deep wedgie that chafes Riley’s pussy & ass. Rapture throws in some back breakers and trash talking for good measure, before finishing Riley off with 1 last powerful pile driver.

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