Rapture and Brandi’s Arm Wrestling Destruction

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Finally. A nice warm day that hints of the upcoming spring. Rapture & Brandi, being outdoor girls, decide to take advantage of the weather. After a long hike thru the canyons, they pause to rest on one of the trails. Always concerned with looking their best, the girls are decked out in some flashy jewelry. All seems to be going well until they are suddenly accosted by a desert pirate. This creepy lurker has the audacity to try and sneak up on the girls, demanding he give them all their jewelry. The pirate begins mocking them, telling them how small and weak they are. Unfortunately for him, he picked two of the most powerful muscle Goddesses to mess with. They quickly challenge him to an arm wrestling contest. If he wins, he gets their jewelry. If they win, they get his pirate desert ship. As you may have guessed, the pirate stood no chance. Massive biceps bulging out of their shirts, the Goddesses take turns easily defeating him in every match. They do so solo and as a team, completely destroying his tiny arms in the process. As if that wasn’t enough, they add insult to injury. The poor pirate is forced to lay down and endure two perfectly formed muscular female bodies crushing him underneath. From full weight face sitting, to brutal butt drops, the pirate is flattened to a pancake. Only once they’ve decided he’s endured enough do they finally show him mercy, sailing away in their newly aquired ship. Aaaargh.

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