Rapture and Dez Arm Wrestle

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After beating Rapture in their last wrestling match, Dezy now thinks she can beat her at anything. Feeling froggy, she decides to jump and challenges Rapture to an arm wrestling competition. We don’t know what was going thru Dezy’s mind, but Rapture quickly crushed her spirit. Rapture, with her 17″ biceps easily defeats Dezy in the 1st of 10 bouts. Between each match, Rapture flexes her biceps and forearms for Dezy, letting her admire and worship them in the process. Back to the arm wrestling… Dezy tries to win every way possible. Using2 hands, Rapture starting from a losing position, Rapture using her left hand, etc, Dezy is easily overpowered and out muscled by the true Muscle Goddess that is Rapture.

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