Rapture Hulks Out

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Nerdy, tiny, pathetic, little Rapture is tired of being picked on everyday because of her size and look. All she constantly hears is negative things about her and she can’t take it anymore. Unsure of what to do, and willing to try anything, she stumbles across a magic potion from the town’s witch doctor, that promises to totally transform her. In a desperate attempt to rid herself of all the torment, Rapture drinks the potion, unsure of what the results will be. As she attempts to stand up, she finds herself unable to and on the floor. She’s only out for a few minutes, but when she awakens she immediately notices differences in her body. Her tits are now massive, she is ripped with muscles, and her legs continue to grow and grow. Slowly rising, we catch our first glimpse of the new Rapture. Towering high over you, she wastes no time embracing her new body. She rips of her shirt and shorts, exposing massive arms, shoulders, and legs. Finally able to defend herself, she lashes out at everyone who has made fun of her in the past. Teasing them with her beautifully sculpted naked body, she minces no words. During her tirade she notices you cowering in the corner. Eager to make you her first victim, she commands you to crawl over to her and lay between her legs. Trapped between her feet, she makes you admire her height, flexing everyone of those rock hard muscles for you. Growing tired of you, she lives up to her threats, stomping you , while you lay there helpless.

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