Rapture vs Austin Lynn

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Rapture and Austin, who have been friends for years, decide to go out for a night on the town. Upon arrival at Austin’s house, Rapture says she needs to finish getting ready. Leaving her phone on the table, she heads into the other room. As she’s gone, Austin hears Rapture’s phone go off and checks to see who it is. She is shocked to see that it his boyfriend, who’s texting Rapture about the great sex they had the night before. Infuriated, Austin immediately gets in Rapture’s face and confronts her. Rapture is unapologetic, stating that she is much hotter than Austin, which is why she’s been fucking her boyfriend. Rapture being Rapture makes it a point to show Austin why, and strips down to the tiniest of thongs, revealing her perfectly sculpted body. Unimpressed, Austin follows suit, tearing her dress off and insisting Rapture admire her. The two come face to face as the tops come off, and they begin ramming their humongous tits against each other. Austin, having enough of Rapture’s mouth, kicks it up a notch. She throws Rapture over her shoulder in a fireman carry and quickly transitions into a dizzying airplane spin. Austin dumps Rapture on the floor and begins to smother her. With her tits, her ass, and her hands she tries to make Rapture apologize. Not having any intention of doing so, Rapture is able to turn the tables on Austin. She returns the favor with a fireman carry, cradle, airplane spin and some suffocating tit smothering. Using her powerful legs, Rapture puts Austin in numerous body scissors, trying to break her ribs. The two go back and forth with the lift & carry and smothering until one finally gives in…

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