Rapture vs Jenevieve Hexxx – Boob Fight

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All Goddess Rapture wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful afternoon, while reading a good book. Unfortunately for her, Rapture’s roommate Jenevieve, had different plans in mind. Both well blessed with some of the biggest & prettiest boobs in the world, seem to have some disagreement as to who’s boobs are better. Jenevieve, barges in on Rapture, insisting her double I boobs are better than Rapture’s double D’s, and challenges her to a tit fight. They take turns squeezing each other’s massive tits. When they tire of that, they go into an all out boob fight. They smack them against each other, and take turns grabbing, groping, kissing, and sucking on them . Try as hard as they do to fight, they eventually both start to get turned on. They begin to kiss each other and slowly go back and forth licking and sucking on the other’s ones boob. This clip ends off with the hottest boob worship and sucking scenes we’ve ever seen. Buy the clip so you can choose for yourself who has the best boobs…

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