Rapture vs Lauren – Goddess Wars

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Rapture takes on LFC star Lauren Fogle, in this edition of Goddess Wars. With Rapture at 5’10” and weighing 185, she’s got a huge size advantage on Lauren, who’s 5’4 and 130. Try as she might, Lauren cannot handle Rapture’s strength and gets beat up pretty good. Rapture scissors her with those massive thighs, trying to break Lauren’s ribs. Rapture puts her in grapevines, a camel clutch, and a painful Boston crab, submitting Lauren each time. At 1 point, she pins Lauren to the floor by stepping on her chest. This seemed to light a fire in Lauren, who ended up getting Rapture in her own Boston crab. Wanting to end the match already, Rapture once again places Lauren in her massive thighs, and squeezes her until she gives up.

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