Rapture vs Megan Jones Superhero Match – 4K

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Dressed as their favorite Super Heroes, Rapture and Megan Jones lock hands in a test of strength. Rapture overpowers Megan, and as they fall to the floor, wraps Megan in some tight body scissors. Megan isn’t having it, and turns the tables on Rapture. Pinning hRapture’s legs behind her head, Megan presses heavy on her with her tits, trash talking to Rapture the whole time. The scissor each other back and forth, both Goddesses using their powerful thighs to dominate the other.Towards the end, Rapture catches Megan in a schoolgirl pin and decides to cheat. She tickles Megan’s armpits against her will, before letting her up for 1 last go at it. A fun, sexy wrestling match with 2 of the best in the business.

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