Rapture’s Anatomy Lesson

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Dante thinks that he’s attending a massage class, but Rapture tells him that she’s going to give him an anatomy lesson instead. She stands behind him & tells him to relax, then when he least expects it, she shoves a large ball gag into his mouth. Next, she strips him naked as he lays there helpless. Then, she tweaks his nipples, and slaps his cock around furthering his humiliation. She then tells him that she has a fun little toy to show him, but first she needs to do something. The next scene opens up with Dante wrapped in cling wrap, with his genitals exposed. Rapture has a hand massager placed on his nut sack, and she simultaneously smacks his cock while making fun of him. She then removes his gag & sticks her boot heel in his mouth, instructing him to suck it. She takes off her boots, forcing him to smell them, then she turns her attention back to his cock. She rubs her feet on it, smacks it with her feet, flicks it & smacks it hard with her hand. When she feels he’s had enough, she exits the room leaving him there to struggle.

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