Rapture’s Failed Revenge

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Rapture has been ambushed, tied up, and violated 3 times by the same masked intruder. During the last incident, he left his wallet behind, giving Rapture his address. Rapture shows up to his house, intent on surprising him and exacting revenge, but he see’s her coming towards his house. Hiding in the closet, he ambushes her as soon as she enters the room.

After putting her out, and tying her up, he begins to have his way with her. He places her on her knees and makes her swallow his cock. Now all worked up, the stalker ties her to a bunch and fucks her, until he cums on her tits. Rapture is put out once again, this time waking up tied up like a piece of furniture. The stalker rests his feet on her back, then places a water jug in her hands. He threatens to repeat the whole process over if she drops the water. A scared Rapture struggles to keep it held in place, then is put out 1 more time, as the stalker picks her up and drops her outside.

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