Rapture’s Pimp Hand

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Goddess Rapture is a large Muscle Goddess. She stands at 5’10” tall and weighs 186 pounds. Her frame is muscle stacked on muscle, and she is able to generate immense explosive power in all that she does.

Her slave made the mistake of speaking when he wasn’t given permission to do so, and Rapture is going to give him a painful reminder of where he belongs. He is told to put a mask on, crawl over to where she is seated, and kneel in front of her.

Using a combination of bare hands, long latex gloves, and shorter leather gloves, Rapture proceeds to slap his face as hard as she can. The first few strikes are used to gather her range, before Rapture unleashes on him.

Each slap echoes through the room, and her slave struggles to stay upright as he gets more concussed. Gloves are not, smacking somebody this hard so many times, will cause your hand to tire. Rapture is no exception, but instead of taking a normal break to relax her hands, Rapture has her slave place his forehead on the floor. She then soccer kicks his face numerous times, before putting her foot on the back of his neck, pinning his face to the floor. This rotation of slap, kick, step on continues for the duration of te video until Rapture decides he’s had enough and makes him crawl away.

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