Rapture’s Shrinking Witches Brew

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Goddess Rapture has decided to be a witch for Halloween, and has cooked up a special potion to shrink you in. After luring you into her lair, she binds your hands, ball gags your mouth, and places a collar around your neck. Her cauldron bubbling and ready to work it’s magic, Rapture picks you up and dips you into it. You emerge a tiny version of yourself and are at the complete mercy of an evil Goddess. Rapture torments you by lifting you high in the air. As you get dizzy from the height, she swings you around. Burying you in her massive tits, your tiny body is trapped in between them. Rapture places you on the floor, sitting on you and crushing your body with all her 190 pounds. As you lay on the floor helpless, she decides she’s had enough of you, stepping and crushing the life out of you, with her huge size 9 boots.

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