Rapture’s Tied Up

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After going for a jog, Rapture returns to her home, unaware that her attacker who tied her up & abused her months ago, is back and hiding in her house. Hearing Rapture come home, he hides behind the bed. As she goes to take a shower, the intruder peeks his head into the bathroom, pleasuring himself while watching her naked body. As Rapture gets dressed after her shower, the attacker makes his move. He quickly knocks Rapture out with his special rag, and breaks out his bondage rope. Rapture awakes to find herself tied up on the bed, the attacker groping and fondling her body. He stands her up and proceeds to eat her ass and pussy. Rapture struggles to get free, but can’t. She is placed on her knees and forced to suck her attacker’s cock. After cumming all over her face, the attacker puts her back to sleep, reties her even tighter, and throws her on the bed. Rapture’s body is groped and fondled once more, before her attacker leaves her laying there.

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