Repenting For His Sins

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After falling into a deep slumber, Kris has a dream that helps him escape the reality he’s been living in. As he lays on the bed, the most sexy Nun comes in. Rapture is in her full nun outfit; harness and strap included. She lubes up her strap, and mounts him as he’s laying on his back.

Rapture slowly slides the strap into his ass. She fucks him sensually, trying to make it feel as good as she can. As Kris’ cock gets harder, Rapture gives him a reach around. She sensually strokes his cock while pegging him, and Kris moans in pleasure.

As soon as this dream is over, Kris wakes up and finds himself back to reality. A 7’ devil asks him if he had a good rest, then calls him over to her. Rapture towers over him as she asks if he’s ready, before throwing him on the bed.

This time, Rapture’s strap is much bigger than the nun’s and there is no sensuality involved. She rams her big cock into his asshole and fucks him as hard as she can. Using her weight to hold him down, Rapture aggressively thrusts in and out of him. He receives a reach around again, but this time he gets fucked hard and aggressively. The devil pounds him out and doesn’t stop until his asshole is gaped.

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