Revenge For My Daddy

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Goddess Rapture rested with her student Brandi Mae’s step-father. The step-father fell in love with her, but Rapture has been ghosting him ever since. One day, Brandi arrives early to class and hears Rapture bad mouthing her step-father while on the phone with someone.

Brandi storms in angrily and confronts Rapture. When Rapture tries to brush her off, Brandi grabs her by the air and shoves her face into the cake sitting on Rapture’s desk. Brandi slaps her and tells her she’s a POS who’s about to be punished.

Brandi unzips Rapture’s pants, shoves her hand down there, and starts to finger fuck Rapture. Anytime Rapture makes too much noise, she shoves her face in the cake again. She then takes off Rapture’s belt and uses it as a leash. Brandi puts Rapture on all 4’s and starts to fuck her in the ass from behind. Rapture screams in pain as Brandi fucks her as hard as she can. After widening Rapture’s pussy with her cock, Brandi shoves a butt plug up Rapture’s ass and leaves her quivering on the floor.

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