Sensual Torture

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Brandi Mae has captured Goddess Rapture, and has her tied and restrained on the torment table. She begins by hurting Rapture’s nipples. Brandi squeezes, pinches, sucks, and bites them, causing Rapture to groan in pain. Brandi then grabs a vibrator, and pinches Rapture’s clit tightly. As her clit pops out of its shell, Brandi applies the vibrator, causing Rapture’s body to shake from the sensation. With Rapture’s pussy nice and wet, Brandi bends her over the tables, hands still bound, and pounds Rapture’s pussy from behind. Starting of slow, then going hard & steady, Brandi gives Rapture’s pussy a beating.

Fast forward to the next day, and Rapture now has Brandi in the same position, though Brandi’s hands are bound to her thighs. Rapture places nipple clamps on Brandi’s tits, and licks and flicks her nipples. She then pops Brandi’s big muscle click out of her pussy, and uses the vibrator on it, until Brandi is almost ready to come. For her finale, Rapture throws Brandi’s legs over her shoulder and fucks her with the same intensity Brandi used the day before. Finally, Rapture rolls Brandi onto her side, and finishes fucking up that pussy.

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