Set Me Free

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Goddess Rapture has been a prisoner for over a year. From the day she got there, this one guard has always made her dress in skimpy clothes and provide sexual services for him.Rapture is tired of it, and sees her chance for revenge when the two of them are alone, one day.

As the guard removes Rapture’s cuffs and goes to set them down, Rapture attacks him. She quickly gets him down on the ground and pins him underneath her 187 pound muscular body.She lets the guard know it’s payback time, as she sits him on the floor with his back against the couch.

Rapture grabs him by the face, tells him to open his mouth, and spits in it. She makes him hold it in there as she begins to slap him as hard as she can. The guard’s face instantly begins to swell, but Rapturer is just getting started.

She continues to spit in his mouth and slap him, but she wants him to hurt more. Anytime he tries to get away, Rapture smashes her size 9 foot down on his face, pinning his head to the couch under her feet. She takes off her panties, sits on the guard’s face, and makes him eat her pussy. Wanting to humiliate him, Rapture rubs her wet pussy all over his face, then makes him lick it dry.

By now, the guard has fully submitted to her, and offers no more resistance. Rapture lies him on the floor and makes him eat her pussy again, until she comes. She then stands above him, tells him what a POS he is, then pisses all over him.

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