Spanked By Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture told her slave to clean her house while she went and did a session. Upon returning, Rapture comes home to find the slave hasn’t lifted a finger. When confronted about it, he has no excuse; angering Rapture even more. Rapture tells him to position himself on the spanking box with his head down and his ass in the air.

Starting with her bare hands, Rapture pulls down his underwear, exposing his bare ass. She begins to spank him, using her powerful hands to leave handprints all over his ass. As his his begins to redden, Rapture experiments with 2 of her favorite leather gloves. She spanks his ass harder, but seems unsatisfied with the amount of pain she is causing.

Rapture repositions her slave, and tells him to lay across her knee. She gives him a good old fashioned spanking, and makes him thank her for hitting him.Rapture then places him on the ground, using him as a footstool. She continues to spank him, with each shot being stronger than the last, until he begs her for mercy and promises to clean the house.

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