Stuck In Reverse

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Scissor Goddess Rapture and her long muscular legs are famous for her scissorholds. Very few men are able to withstand a scissor session with her without either tapping or getting put to rest numerous times.

Such is the case today when Rapture chooses Kris as her scissor victim. She lets him know she’ll be using reverse scissors 90% of the time, with a few others sprinkled in. Rapture gets right to it and puts Kris in his first reverse. She’s been jogging lately which has made her legs much stronger than they usually are. Kris wasn’t expecting her new power, and finds himself tapping much quicker than he anticipated.

As Rapture continues, she increases the intensity. She is able to put him to rest 4 times, laughing at him as he comes to. Rapture sits on his throat Indian style, looking down at Kris as he struggles to stay awake. Some figure 4’s are added in for good measure, and by the end of the session, Kris is left with a sore neck and feeling loopy from being knocked out so many times.

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