Stuck On The Cross

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We find Rapture and Brandi once again up to no good. After tricking poor Kris into letting them tie him to an authentic Saint Andrews Cross, they begin their fun. Dressed in outfits that fully accentuate their perfect bodies, they begin to slowly & seductively tease him. Licking him from his neck, nipples, and all the way down to his cock, the Goddesses get him more & more excited. After creating a huge bulge in his pants, they begin to focus their energy on it. They bite his cock, suck it through his pants, and stroke it over and over. Now fully turned on, they begin to torture it. His throbbing cock is kneed repeatedly, punched, smacked, and beaten with whips & canes. Switching back & forth between pleasure and pain, they bring him to the brink of explosion. Unfortunately for Kris, they are there for their own pleasure, not his. Not allowing him to cum, Kris had the worst case of blue balls for the next 3 days.

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