Submit To Your Giant Goddess

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Goddess Rapture has always been a tall Amazon Goddess. When Yvette Bova comes over one day, she finds Rapture wearing a thong and her favorite Domme boots.Yvette is already short, but standing next to Rapture, she’s at least a foot shorter.Rapture finds this hilarious and decides to make sure Yvette knows just how short she is.

She uses Yvette’s head as an arm and hand rest, then makes her try and reach her biceps as Rapture squeezes them above her. Rapture uses her big hands to palm Yvette’s face, completely covering it in the process. She picks Yvette up and carries her around to show her how strong and powerful she is.

Rapture then moves onto more humiliation. She makes Yvette stand on her tiptoes to lick her armpits, then smothers Yvette’s face in her DD tits.Rapture continues to torment and humiliate Yvettete until she’s had enough. For her finale, she makes Yvette lay down, then shakes, grinds and smothers Yvette with her huge ass.

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