Suck My Strap and Eat My Ass

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Muscle Goddess Rapture just bough a HUGE black cock. This thing has to be at least 13″ long, weighs at least 5 pounds, and is so thick she can’t fit her hand around it. Before fucking her slaves ass with it, she wants to break it in using his mouth. Beginning by flexing her hard body, her muscles are soon bulging and ready.She continues with a sexy striptease, all the while stroking her BBC. Rapture binds his hands together and places him on his knees in front of her. Grabbing him by the back of his head, she forces that big black cock deep into his mouth. Within seconds, her slave is gagging on it, barely able to fit just the tip in. Rapture gives zero fucks and tries to ram the entire thing down his throat while flexing her massive biceps above him. His mouth and throat are painfully stretched to its limits as she fucks his face. Now turned on, Rapture turns around and spreads her huge ass cheeks. She forces her slave to use his tongue to clean her warm asshole. As he licks it up and down, Rapture forcefully slams her asshole against his tongue, trying to ram it up her ass. Finally satisfied, she sends him on his way to prepare to take that huge cock in his ass.

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