Super Rapture vs Superman

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There’s a new superhero on the block and Superman is not happy. He comes to Goddess Rapture place to confront her, but it doesn’t turn out how he thought it would. A giant Rapture laughs at his tiny body and stands up so he can take in how big she is. Her feet are bigger than his body, and she starts off by using them to trample and stomp Superman out.

After that, Superman has already had enough but Rapture is just gettin started. She picks him up and dangles his little body in the air. Rapture puts him high on his shoulders, then in between her tits for a good smother.

Tired of hearing him beg for mercy, Rapture lays him on the couch. She hovers her big ass over him, then sits on him. Superman completely disappears under her ass, and Rapture alternates between face sitting and crushing him.

Rapture is almost done with him, but not before putting him back on the floor. She makes him worship her giant heels and feet; crushing him whenever he doesn’t do a good enough job. Rapture makes him tell her she is the new top superhero, then tucks him away in her boobs and walks off.

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