Superman vs Giantess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture is an evil Giantess who loves destroying all the little people with her giant muscle body.After demolishing an entire city a month ago, precautions have been put in place to prevent it from happening again. When the tiny people in the city that Rapture’s just arrived to hear her coming, they are prepared. They hunker down and wait for Superman who has promised to come and save them.

His red cape flapping in the wind, Superman hones in on Rapture and flies directly at her. He doesn’t think she sees him as she’s busy yelling for the tiny people, but is sadly mistaken. As soon as he’s within arm’s reach, rapture plucks him out of the air and into her strong hands. She uses two fingers to hold and dangle him in front of her, while she begins to mock him. Rapture makes quick work of him, subduing him with some breast smothering and muscle domination. Rapture then throws a battered Superman to the ground and tells him to watch what happens next.

Rapture’s footsteps echo loudly with each step and her booming voice is heard by all the tiny people. It doesn’t take long for Rapture to find the first group of people. She pulls them out one by one, and places them on the ground next to her sharp spiked heels. Rapture then crushes each one using her heels and the bottom of her shoes.She leaves them strewn about when done, and heads to look for the other group.

This group is even tinder than the last group, and as expected, Rapture shows them no mercy. She starts by sitting on all of them. Her heavy muscle giantess body smashes them flat as her ass completely covers them. Rapture goes on to eat some, then throws the remaining tiny people on the floor. She shoves some inside of her heels and tramples them, then picks up and presses whoever is left against her sharp spikes.

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