Swallowing Rapture’s Cum

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Rapture wants to cum hard, and to do so, she’s decided to use her slaves face. After laying him down, Rapture puts her pussy over his mouth, and has him start licking. Her pussy getting wet, Rapture has her slave tongue fuck her while she rubs her clit. Rapture breaks out her vibrator, and with her pussy still covering her slaves mouth, makes herself cum. She forces him to suck all the cum out of her pussy before turning around. Rapture now has her slave eat her asshole while she plays with her pussy. She makes him suck on it and spreads it wide so he can get his tongue inside. About to cum again, Rapture rides his face, her slaves tongue out to help her along. Rapture cums hard once again, this time covering her slaves nose and mouth with her pussy. He is forced to eat and breathe in her cum, before she spits in his mouth, and leaves him alone.

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