Tag Team Lift & Carry – 4K

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Lilly Ice is trying on her sexy new satin panties. As she’s in the middle of feeling herself, her step-sister Rapture barges in and starts copping a feel. Lauren doesn’t want to be touched, and tells Rapture so, pushing her away in the process. Rapture pretends to say something, then sneak attacks Lauren, and throws her OTS. Lilly wants to be put down, but Rapture keeps lifting her in different holds.

Enter Dez Desire, who invited herself over. Dez wants in on the action, and proceeds to Gorilla Press Lilly overhead, with Rapture. Lilly is helpless against the two amazons, and is scared of being dropped from so high up. After being set down, Dez makes Lauren and Rapture flex so she can worship their muscles. Not done yet, Dez and Rapture Gorilla Lift Lilly yet again, before finally sending her on her way.

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