Tearing His Asshole – 4K

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It’s been awhile since Rapture has gotten to do one of her most favorite things in life, fucking a man in his ass. Rapture breaks out her 9″ strapon, lubes it up, and sticks it in her slave’s tight asshole. She is gentle putting it in, but as soon as she’s in there, she begins to pund him. Rapture holds him down and uses her weight to thrust hard and deep into his ass. Her slave whimpers in pain as Rapture tears his asshole from her muscle pounding.

Now completely turned on, Rapture flips him over, and fucks him missionary style. She strokes his cock as she fucks him hard, and laughs at his pain. Rapture spits on him again and again, make sure to leave him completely humiliated and confused about what just happened to him.

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