The Burglar Ravishes Rapture

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Rapture has been ambushed in her house 3 times by a masked intruder. There is another intruder in her house today, but this time, it’s Brandi Mae. Brandi hides in the corner as she hears Rapture coming home, then spies on her from around the corner, as Rapture takes a shower. As Rapture is toweling off and walking back to her bedroom, Brandi makes her move. She quickly renders Rapture helpless, then gags and binds her with rope.

Brandi demands Rapture transfer money into her back account, and after being smothered by Brandi’s ass, Rapture gives in and makes the transfer. Brandi is told the transaction could take an hour, so she decides to have some fun with Rapture, while waiting. She unties Rapture, then bends her over and fucks her doggy style. Brandi then lays down and makes Rapture ride her cock, before rendering her helpless again.

As Rapture rejoins us, she finds herself tied up again. Brandi eats Rapture’s pussy while making her stand erect, then gags her with her panties and duct tapes them in her mouth, making a hasty escape after.

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