The Dancing Damsel

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Rapture has come to a new dance school to fine tune her skills. Unbeknownst to her, the head instructor, Riley Rose, is a sadistic creepy person. As Rapture tries to hold the poses, Riley is quick to hit and yell at her, when she doesn’t get it right. Rapture’s not liking the way Teri is teaching, and the 2 get into a shoving match.

Their anger levels high, with a magical spin, both girls turn into Super Heroes. Riley is Captain America, while Rapture turns into Wonder Woman. It seems Captain America has brought along a special rag, and before she knows it, Wonder Women is out, and tied up on the floor. As she comes to, she finds Captain America fondling her body. Unable to move, she is forced to have an orgasm twice, as a vibrator is applied to her pussy.

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