Time To Sleep, Bitch

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After returning home from a session, Rapture gives her boyfriend a call on the phone After talking, she tells him she will call him back on Skype after she showers. Rapture returns, calls him on Skype, and while the conversation is normal at first, it turns into her playing with herself on camera, for him. Out of nowhere, and with Skype still turned on, we see an intruder enter behind Rapture. He plave a soaked rag over her face, rendering her resting. As her boyfriend watches from his computer, the intruder lays Rapture down on the bed. He instructs the boyfriend to wacth as he begins to fondle her limp body. Pulling out his cock, the intruder fucks Rapture’s mouth while she is still out. After ripping off her clothes, he begins to fuck her against her will. Anytime she wakes, he is quick to place the rag back over her mouth, putting her back to rest. The boyfriend watches as Rapture is fucked from the top, on the side, and from behind. After pulling out, and cumming on her ass, the intruder sneaks back out. Days later, unaware that her boyfriend watched the entire assault, and actually got off on it, Rapture calls him back to talk. As they are talking the intruder sneaks in again. He places the rag over her face, knocks her out, and throws him over his shoulder to begin the process all over again.

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