Total Domination with Goddess Rapture

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While she enjoys engaging in a variety of fetishes, Muscle Goddess Rapture loves when she gets to be a Dominatrix. There’s something about knowing she can get a man to do whatever she tells him to, that makes her horny and excited. Wearing a skin tight camo top, leather pants, and her boots that have been cummed on during various sessions, she presents herself to her slave.

Rapture gives us her famous double bicep pose, showing off her 16” arms, then commands her slave to kneel on the floor in front of her. Her slave is naked except for a t-shirt, and Rapture tells him to start licking the old dried cum of her boots. The dried white cum stains can’t be missed, and Rapture make sure he licks each one off. She then makes him lick the bottom of her boots and makes him give her heels a blowjob.Her slave is visibly disgusted at the thought of eating another man’s cum, but he knows he has no choice.

With that task complete, Rapture orders him to worship her muscular thighs and huge ass. He’s made to kiss and lick his way up from her feet to her ass. Once he reaches her ass, Rapture turns so her ass is directly in front of his face. She makes him lick, smell, and kiss her pussy and asshole through the pants, telling him to give her a continuous lick from the top of her pussy to the top of her asshole.

Rapture spits in his mouth while she begins to transition into more dominance. Her slave’s cock is rock hard and fully exposed, and Rapture has only one thing in mind. She kicks and knees his cock and balls until she drops him to the floor. Once there, Rapture has him move his cock out of the way so she can kick his balls with her boots. She then has him lay his cock on the floor, and stands on it with all her weight.

As the total domination continues, Rapture makes him submit to everything she says. She smothers him with her breasts, makes him smell and worship her feet, sits on him, thigh fucks him, and destroys his balls some more.

To finish their session, Rapture makes him worship her biceps, then sits on his head while making him worship her feet again. He is commanded to say thank you for being dominated by her, and is left on the floor as Rapture leaves the room.

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