Union Jack vs USA Lift and Carry

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There’s always been a little patriotic competition between USA’s Goddess Rapture and her UK friend Goldie Blair.Today, the 2 are chilling in Goldie’s backyard when Goldie suggests Rapture is not strong enough to lift her. Rapture strongly disagrees and proceeds to prove Goldie wrong. With both girls in bikinis, Rapture easily picks Goldie off her feet. She bearhugs her, swinging Goldie around, as her feet dangle off the ground. Rapture cradles and curls her, throws her over the shoulder, and does squats while giving a piggyback. As if that wasn’t enough, Rapture picks her up in a cheerleader pose, lifting her up by the elbows. While we love the UK, it’s pretty clear that the USA won this one. Cheers.

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