Watch Me Suck Him Off

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Goddess Rapture looks super hot in her tight skirt, top, and cheetah heels. She comes in and sits on top of her boyfriend, who gets turned on. Rapture teases him for a second, then tells him to look up. Standing above him is Rapture’s lover. Rapture repositions herself, now sitting on his head and pinning him down, while she starts to unzip her lover’s pants.

Rapture tells her boyfriend it’s cuckolding time and she’s going to keep him pinned under her ass while she sucks her lover’s cock. She makes sure her boyfriend can see as she takes a mouthful of cock. Rapture gives her lover the best blowjob ever, mocking and making her boyfriend jealous the entire time. After she has swallowed her lover’s load, she gets off her boyfriend’s face and leaves him there to stare at the cock she just sucked.

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