Why Is It So Big?

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Goddess Rapture has come over to Sydney Screams house to hang out. She’s wearing the tightest of yoga pants and a sports bra that shows off all her muscles. Sydney is impressed at Rapture’s physique and asks her how she got it. Noting a kettlebell on the floor, Rapture picks it up and begins to curl it, showing Sydney how she got her big muscles.

Sydney finds herself turned on and can’t stop staring at Rapture. As Sydney looks down, she notices a HUGE bulge in Rapture’s pants. She asks her what it is ,and Rapture tells her to feel it and take a guess. AFter guessing correctly, Rapture takes her 14” BBC out of her pants and lets it flop in the wind.

Sydney can’t help but touch it, and ends up stroking it while Rapture continues to work out. Her muscles now fully pumped, Rapture tells Sydey she’ll finish the cock off. She uses her big muscle hands to finish jerking her cock off while she makes Sydney worship her muscles.

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