Wrestling Domination Lift & Carry HJ

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Goddess Rapture is shocked when Buck has the gall to challenge her again, on the mats. She reminds him of the ass kicking he got last time, and laughs at him when he tells her he’s been training. Buck insists on thematch, and Rapture, eager to shut him up, happily obliges.

As they lock up, it is clear from the start that Buck is about to get demolished again. Rapture easily throws him to the ground, where she proceeds to scissor, humiliate, and submit him however she chooses.

Rapture’s intensity and strength cause Buck to submit quickly to her, but Rapture’s not done. She wants to show him how much stronger and bigger she is than him, and does so by some lift & carry. Rapture’s muscles bulge as she lifts Buck’s weak body, and he begs her not to drop him.

About done with his shenanigans, Rapture is ready to wrap it up. She tells Buck to pull his pants down, and lays him over her knee. Rapture then spanks his bare ass until it’s red, and tells him to plank himself on her knees. She grabs his cock and squeezes as hard as she can, causing Buck to cry out in pain. She then has him turn over and sit on her lap, while she strokes his cock until it cums all over his shirt.

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