Wrestling Domination Lift & Carry

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Goddess Rapture has a lift & carry client whose been watching her wrestling videos, lately. When they meet up, the guy makes a comment about how fake the wrestling videos are; stating that no woman could beat a man in a wrestling match. Rapture laughs at him, and the session begins with the guy not knowing what Rapture has in store for him.

She reaches out for his neck, and the guy smiles because he thinks he’s about to get lifted. Instead, Rapture neck snaps him down to the floor, and tells him to try and beat her in wrestling. She pins and submits him numerous times, then manhandles him to his feet. Rapture goes through a list of the most uncomfortable lifts, and applies them to him. Bearhugs, racks, and OTS are all used. In between lifting him, Rapture will suddenly switch back to wrestling. She makes him submit a few more times, then finishes him off with some more lift and carry.

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